The Vitiligo Open Day  was a great Success. It was attended by more than 70 people who judged the event to be either "excellent" or "very good". The event was opened by Emma Rush, our new Chairwoman of trustees who set out the current staus of the Vitiligo Society. The keynote address was given by Dr Tony Bewley who presented a fascinating up-to-date appraisal of the dermatological aspects of vitiligo. Other plenary sessions included Cosmetic Camouflage (by Liz Allen), NHS dermatology Commissioning (by Sally Rickard), and the current status of international research into the causes and treatment of vitiligo (by Maxine Whitton and Viktoria Eleftheriadou). There were breakout sessions on psychological support through CBT Therapy (by Sarah Jane Khalid), Life Coaching (by David Monk), counselling (by Helen Broughton) and a particularly well attended demonstraion on cosmetic camouflage techniques given by Liz Allen using Sarah Jane Khalid as a model. The whole event ended with a question and answer session where an expert panel fielded questions from the audience.