Skin PATCH Survey

The Vitiligo Society, in collaboration with the British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC) have organised a survey of products which might be useful for camouflaging hands.  We are calling this the PATCH survey (short for Products Applicable to Camouflaging Hands).

Traditional camouflage products, although very good for many people on the face, are not suitable for hands; they tend to rub or wash off too quickly.  This survey aims to test out a number of faux tan and semi-permanent skin staining products, as well as some waterproof theatrical cosmetics.  Hopefully, at least some of these products will prove suitable for camouflaging hands.  None of them are available on prescription, but they are all available in the UK.  The range of colours is limited, but if we find that products are suitable for vitiligo, the manufacturers can be approached to extend their colour range.

Starting in August 2013, over 30 volunteers will be trying out 10 different products, finishing in February 2014.  We have tried to make the survey as ‘scientific’ as possible, so that our results will be reliable.  Each volunteer has filled out a questionnaire about their health, other products used on their hands etc.  They will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire on each product to let us know about such aspects as the smell, texture, drying time, how easy it was to use.  The results will be published later in 2014 and we trust that they will be of interest to our members who have problems with camouflaging their hands.

The results of this survey have now been published. To read the article Click Here