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Surveys & Research Projects

The surveys and research projects listed below are all looking for participants.

Self-help For Visible Skin Difference In Adults




We would like to find out whether a self-help intervention is effective for adults with a visible skin difference. The self-help intervention aims to help people build their confidence in social situations.


The HI-Light vitiligo trial is now recruiting

The HI-Light Vitiligo Trial is a clinical trial involving 440 participants aged 5 years and over with vitiligo. The purpose of this study is to provide information on the effectiveness of home-based NB-UVB phototherapy, delivered using hand-held units, and topical steroid, both used as treatments on their own and in combination.

In 2012 The Centre for Appearance research at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol launched their new online support tool for adults with disfigurements - ‘Face IT'. Face IT is an 8 week programme which helps users to manage negative reactions to their appearance by building social skills and self-confidence and to challenge their negative assumptions and thoughts about their appearance and how others view them by using cognitive behavioural strategies.