Hair Update By Rose King

I’ve just come on leave and have been ploughing through the post – last night I read the July Dispatches. Lesley Murray talks about vitiligo in the hair. I’ve had that for a long time, and also on the outer end of my left eyebrow. None of this looks obvious as my eyebrows thin towards the outer ends anyway, and the hair was on the temples, thus giving me an unwarranted elder statesman look.

I say was, because some years ago I went blonde, and now the white hair only shows on close inspection – the blonde has a golder tinge. My body hair also goes white, but only some time after the skin. (Too much information?)

As far as sunblock is concerned, I have found that anything goes. I am using a factor 40 which I bought when I was still in South Africa, but I have used years-old stuff from the back of the cupboard which didn’t even have a factor on it (am I a cheapskate?) and I never burned. This was in Cape Town. Fat chance I have of getting burned here, but I still put it on, particularly my feet and the back of my neck, the blonde bits being short. If I do burn, I generally get a few patches of pigment back, but they don’t last and I have long since stopped getting excited about them.

I am too fair for the picture to show the vitiligo, but it does show you don’t have to be scared of the sun. It was taken in Barrow-in-Furness in June this year, and for there to be any sun to take a picture by is unusual in that town. You can see the eyebrow…

Yours sincerely
Rose King