Being Photographed with Vitiligo - Yvette

Yvette from Jersey, talks to The Vitiligo Society about her cathartic, one-off experience as she stood under the spotlight as a subject for Brock Elbank’s inspiring Vitiligo Portrait Series.

My close relationship with Vitiligo by Carol Hills

My "close relationship" with vitiligo began in my teens (around 14 years of age). The knuckles of my hands turned white, which over time spread to a wider area.  It then appeared on my knees, elbows and feet, and thereon over the years to other areas.

Living with Vitiligo by Elana

Living with Vitiligo has been both the most challenging and rewarding part of my life. As a young child aged 4 I have to admit that I was blissfully unaware of any difference between other children and myself. I never experienced any animosity, cruelty or name-calling and for that I must be eternally grateful, as not everyone is so fortunate.

Gurdeep Romanay

I have had vitiligo since I was 10 years old. It all started from just one small patch on my ankle which didn’t change size or shape for years. As I reached my late teens though, I started to gain more patches. I now have patches on my neck, arms, hands and leg. Vitiligo affects people in so many different ways be it mentally, emotionally or cosmetically.

Hatti on top of Iceland and vitiligo

It all started over a glass of wine with my best friend and inspiration, my sister Tess. She had just returned from a weeks trek in the Sahara as a 40th birthday challenge. If she could do that where should I go to celebrate my 40th which is in the summer 2007?  It would have to be somewhere a bit cooler, the sun is not a friend these days.

Vitiligo in my hair by Lesley Murray

You printed a letter of mine a couple of years ago regarding the use of Dove self tanning moisturiser, which reading the letters page seems to have helped a number of people. Perhaps you could print this email so that it will not come as such a shock to find that your hair may also be affected. In all the years that I have been a member of the Society and receiving Dispatches.

Living with Vitiligo - A personal experience by Maxine

Vitiligo has been my constant  companion for more than 50 years and is an integral part of who I am. Although at times it has almost overwhelmed me and there have been many troughs of despair, especially when I was younger, it has contributed in great measure to my achievements and my ability to empathise with people with skin disease and disfigurements.

Beauty Routines by Ram Mohan Poluri

A lasting memory I have of my boyhood in South India is watching my mother getting ready in the afternoon. There was sunshine and greenery outside the window behind the dressing table. Amma washed her face first and then dotted her cheeks, forehead, chin and nose with silver spots of Lakme' vanishing cream. She rubbed them in gently till they disappeared leaving a pearly sheen.

Paul - Vitiligo, me and narrowband UVB

Vitiligo and I have been traveling companions for almost a quarter of a century now. I am 37 and started noticing the onset of white patches in my early teens, with relatively slow progress to elbows, knees, hands and feet by the age of 18. Then things spread rather rapidly and by 21 I had plenty of smaller patches across my face, trunk and legs. By 30 I had lost the tanned colour across about 80% of my body, which is quite interesting when you have a Maltese ancestry and should carry a deep brown skin colour most of the year.

Hair Update By Rose King

I’ve just come on leave and have been ploughing through the post – last night I read the July Dispatches. Lesley Murray talks about vitiligo in the hair. I’ve had that for a long time, and also on the outer end of my left eyebrow. None of this looks obvious as my eyebrows thin towards the outer ends anyway, and the hair was on the temples, thus giving me an unwarranted elder statesman look.