Vitiligo Society FAQs

  • How can I help the Society?

    By becoming a member of the Society.

    Without members the Society could not afford to employ the staff who run an information line, answer enquiries, produce the Newsletter, maintain this website, organise events, offer information on vitiligo to health professionals and offer support to people with vitiligo and their families.

    Without members there would be no Vitiligo Society.

  • Should I become a member of The Vitiligo Society?

    If you are interested in helping with the search to find a cure for vitiligo one day, the answer is certainly YES.

    The Society promotes and funds research projects aimed at:

    • Establishing the causes of vitiligo.
    • Finding safe and effective treatments for vitiligo.

    The Society also:

    • Campaigns for a better understanding among the medical profession and the general public of how it feels to live with vitiligo. This includes the psychological problems of living with a disfiguring condition.
    • Gathers and distributes information about the condition.
    • Offers advice on how to cope with the condition, and promotes a positive approach to living with vitiligo.


  • How does the Society support people who become members?

    • By providing personal information by letter, telephone or email.
    • By putting questions to qualified medical professionals with an interest in vitiligo on a member's behalf.
    • By keeping members in touch with the latest research and treatments through our newsletter Dispatches.
    • By supplying information through our website.
    • By informing members when researchers are looking for volunteers to take part in clinical trials.
    • By providing information to schools about Vitiligo so that they can recognise problems that may arise for children who have vitiligo or who look different
    • By our links with other groups working to help people with skin problems.